RPAP5 Butt-weld Aluminum Plastic Compound Pipe


1. The structural characteristics of RPAP5 pipe: RPAP5 aluminum plastic compound pipe uses twin welding connection technology with supereme high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and cost performance, and it is more and more accepted by engineering designers and market.
Li Feng RPAP5 butt-weld aluminum plastic compound pipe is produced strictly followed National Industry Standard (CJ/T 159—2006), its innner and outer layer use high temperature resistant polythene (PE-RT) imported from Korea; its main pressure support layer is seamless butt-weld alloy aluminum pipe, and between the layers, there are compound melt adhesive. It is used under related national standard and its lifesapn is over 50 years.


2. Usage Range: RPAP5 butt-weld aluminum plastic compound pipe can be used for cold and heat water system within building, high temperature radiator heating system, air delivery system, air conditioning system, groud-source heating pump system, floor board heating system, pipe systems of medical and food companies. If it is used outside building, uvioresistant funtion should be added. When deliver the liquid which is likely to become phase change, the expand result in phase change in pipe system should not be over the maximum acceptable work pressure, or use measures which can prevent phase change in pipe system. When deliver gas, safety specifications for gas installation should be met. When deliver artificial coal gas, the bad influence of aromatic hydrocarbons in condensing agent to pipe should be paid attention.


3. Technical Parameters:     

Standard Work Pressure:       1.25MPa     
Standard Work Temperature:        95℃
Instant Highest Temperature:       110℃     
Line Expansion Factor:        0.25mm/(m·m)     
Pipe Radial Pull:        2400--3200     
Heat Conduction Factor:          0.45W/(m·m)     
Explosion Pressure:          dn16  8MPa
                                    dn20  7MPa
                                    dn25  6MPa
                                    dn32  5.5MPa     
1h Hydrostatic Strength:       95℃  2MPa     
Pipe Inner Wall:            Smooth, small fluid resistance, harshness   
Bend semidiameter: (D is pipe outer diameter)


3. Advantage of RPAP5 butt-weld aluminum plastic compound pipe:     

It is high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant. Butt-weld aluminum plastic compound pipe’s main pressure support layer is alloy aluminum pipe, and its inner and outer layer use PE-RT which has good performance for high temperature resistance.
It uses twin heat welding wihtout leakage. RPAP5 butt-weld aluminum plastic compound pipe uses twin heat welding connection, and it is the most safe connection method for all pipe systems. Twin heat welding pipe can plug pipe’s end face to prevent impact of fliud on pipe end face and corrision on pipe metal, thus prolong the lifespan of pipe, it is the chemical pipe that can be used for 50 years safely. In addition, RPAP5 butt-weld aluminum plastic compound pipe also has excellence such as light-proof, oxygen-proof, easy bending, no rebound, low expansion factor and wide usage range.