Sanli Rifeng FR-PPR Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipe Extrusion by the three composite materials from the middle for the import of glass fiber to strengthen the material ,both inside and outside layers are 100% imported raw materials. The performance of its main features are:
1) expansion coefficient for ordinary pp-ronly one-third of the product
2) Pressure hight to be capable of sustaining,Under the pressure of the design life is usually longer
3) Can be used to open out equipment,use a wider range
4) 100% imported raw materials, to ensure product quality
5) Better high temperature performance,energy-saving effect of significantly reducing power consumption,FR-PPR use in hot water system,the normal use temperature of 95 ~100℃,,both to raise the temperrature of the use of media but also to reduce the thickness of insulation materials ,lower cost of its comprehensive
6) Water flow:the pressure level in the same condition,FR-PPR pipe wall thickness of the thin,increasing the diameter of the pipe, thereby enhancing the flow of water(an increase of 20%)
7) Resolved the issue of pipeline oxygen,.direct ontact with the water table within the health of non-toxic, good sealability, not the formation of sphagnum


Sanli rifeng FR-PPR tubes has enhanced the appearance,excellent polynomial is widely used in the pipe system of pipeline engineering installation and existing piping The system change,its application field,mainly including:
1) Civil building water supply system
2) Air-conditioning pipe network
3) Pure water/drinking water and dairy products such as industrial water systems
4) Chemical/petrochemical,and various types of corrosive liquids such as the transmission network
5) Solar energy facilities,pipelines
6) Compressed air pipe network using the factory
7) Open tube