No Specifications Minimum wall thickness Packing quantity
SLRF091 ∮20 2.65 160
SLRF092 ∮25 3.0 120
SLRF093 ∮32 3.65 60
SLRF094 ∮40 4.2 48
SLRF095 ∮50 5.15 32
SLRF096 ∮63 6.5 20
SLRF097 ∮75 4 12
SLRF098 ∮90 4.5 12
SLRF099 ∮110 6 8
  PP-R aluminum-plastic composite pipe aluminum composite layer of five-layer structure diagram  
  The use of PE (South Korea LG),hot melt adhesive(Netherlands DSM),Aluminum(Chongqing Southwest Aluminum),PP-R(Borealis)raw materials,is a combination of PP-R pipe and two pipe aluminum composite pipe in one of the advantages of the new green building materials,Color it the word’s most advanced production equipment for production the strength of connections not only reduce ,but also much higher than the pipe itself,the strength of the pipeline system to strengthen the seal; and arrangements for the county, reliable performance,Traditional galvanized pipe replacement products.

1) Health, non-toxic, can be used for pure water,drinking water pipeline system,the product is a green building materials
2) Due to the existence of the middle layer of aluminum, the expansion co efficient of a small metal pipe with considerable strength, toughness, imppact resistance.
3) Corrosion-resistant, non-scaling; may be waived and the basin was blocked pipes.the tub-shaped macular rust.
4) High temperature,high pressure, in the long-term work requirements under the pressure of piped water temperature can reach95℃.
5) Energy-saving insulation; thermal conductivity of metal pipes1/200 only, hot water pipe insulation for excellent energy saving effect.
6) Light weight,high strength: the proportion of only one-eighth of the metal.
7) Pleasing in appearance: products both inside and outside the wall of smooth,flowing water yn force small,soft colors. Beautiful graphics.
8) Can be buried, matal detectors can be used to detect the location of the tube.
9) Install the convenience,reliability: the use of hot melt connection,no sets of silk. a few seconds to complete a joint connections, and matal water pipes and connected to the use of high-quality copper insert, safe and reliable.
10) Long life: the piping system under normal use life of up to 50 years.